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The oldest in Nizhny Novgorod night gay club "STM-Ultra" since 2001. Here you are waited for parties "not for everyone", but if you have passed the face control, you can have fun until the morning.

Stm-Ultra is a club where it is possible to have a positive weekend, celebrate a birthday or another holiday, relax in a company like you.

In our club:
- large bar
- delicious menu
- cocktail card
- large dance floor
- show programs on the big stage
- DJ sets
- go-go dancers

On the stage of the club you will see performances by artists from all over Russia. Stars of the stage, travesty artists, erotic shows, bartenders, show ballets and this is not the whole list of artists performing in our club!

Bank cards of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard are accepted for payment.

Dear friends!
We do everything possible to make our guests feel comfortable, for this purpose, and also in the interests of security, we ask you to follow the rules of conduct in the club. Being in the territory of the night club "STM-Ultra", you agree to our terms and accept the rules described below.

- To visit the club, you must purchase an entry bracelet in the box office of the club.
- The presence of an input bracelet (on the arm) is mandatory for being in the club. The entrance bracelet entitles one visit. A torn, damaged and / or lost bracelet is invalid.
- You have the right and the opportunity to reserve a table in advance. If you did not take them within the agreed period, the Administration has the right to transfer the reserve to another visitor.
- You are given the right to hand over outerwear and oversized things to the wardrobe. Administration is not responsible for valuables, put into the wardrobe and forgotten in the club. For the loss of the number from the wardrobe, the battle of utensils and damage to property, a fine is charged, the amount of which is determined by the Administration.
- For non-observance of the rules, a visitor can be removed by security from the club without refunding entry fees. He may also be denied further visits to the club.

Rules for restricting access to the club:
- Persons over 18 years of age are admitted to the club.
- Persons in beach, sports, specialized clothing, as well as visitors of an untidy look to the club are not allowed. The administration of the club reserves the unconditional right to assess the conformity of visitors' appearance to the format and image of the institution.
- It is forbidden to enter and stay in the club in dark, including sunglasses.
- It is forbidden to bring firearms, gas or cold weapons (even if they have a permit for them) and other various types of special protective equipment (gas cartridges, shockers, etc.), stabbing, cutting objects, explosives. Any drinks and food purchased outside the club, as well as any powerful medicines and drugs. In case of detection of prohibited items, the Administration has the right to remove prohibited items and substances and refuse the visitor to visit the club.
- Visitors of the club and their personal belongings can be examined by the security service. In case of refusal to undergo this procedure, the Administration has the right to refuse access to the club.
- Access to the club with animals is forbidden.
- Access to the club is strictly forbidden to persons in a state of strong alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, the degree of which the Club Administration determines at its discretion.

Rules of conduct in the club:
- Unauthorized photo and video shooting is prohibited.
- Any manifestation of aggression (including obscene language, threats, increased tone) is prohibited on the territory of the club to other visitors, employees and representatives of the Administration.
- It is not allowed to be in a club in a state of strong alcohol and drug intoxication, the degree of which the Club Administration determines at its discretion.
- It is forbidden to sleep in the club.
- It is forbidden to interfere with the work of club employees, representatives of the Administration, security and artists.
- It is forbidden to bring dishes outside the club.
- Any antisocial behavior that creates discomfort to other guests and leads to conflict situations is forbidden.
- It is forbidden to use narcotic and toxic substances
- It is forbidden to borrow free tables without the permission of the administration
- It is forbidden to sit down at tables for other guests without an invitation
- It is forbidden to stay and enter the office premises
- It is forbidden to sit or dance on tables, on the bar and on the stage of the club
- It is forbidden to climb with the feet on the sofas

On the dance floor of the club is not allowed:
- Drink beverages
- interfere with each other
- to run and push
- sit and lie
- put one on the shoulders or raise one's arms
- to put things on the floor
- to move around the dance floor during the show program

In order to ensure your safety in the club is video surveillance, at the entrance strict age control 18+, F/C, D/C.

The club administration has the right to refuse to visit you in the institution, without explaining the reason.

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